Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a very special friend

first and foremost, edz is a woman.secondly, we're not lovers or anything.just to make everything clear.

edilyn guamos is my blocmate, since in our university, when we were freshmen, we were designated into groups, and i was put in a group with edz, as we fondly called her. she's a funny person, now taking bs biology (like me), but major in microbiology.she's nice, sweet and open-minded.i really love her company even when we were still first year.

for the past two years, we weren't that close, but whenever our block will have dinner, we got together as two good friends, along with our other blocmates. but, it was last semester, when we became classmates that we started to get a little closer than before. since we were groupmates, we tend to spend time more compared to when we were just blocmates. and now, we always send text messages to one another. friends even joked that we acted like lovers. hahahaha.

there's this special fact about us. we have the same birthday dates, but she is older than me (just one year, hahaha).i really love the fact that we can act as sisters, since aside from having the same birthday, we are good friends! i hope, best of friends!!!nevertheless, i am really grateful God made a way fro us to become closer than ever.

just a while ago, we had our lunch and we really planned it beforehand.it's a good thing that it happened.i gave her a gift, one i bought last sunday.and she really liked it.a simple token of love and gratitude for the friendship she shared with me.we even shared viands and dessert.talk about being sweet! ^_^

and this evening, i was texting her that i was so hungry, but i got no chance to buy food since i was in our tambayan, and we were about to have our execoun meeting.then, my orgmate asked me to join her buy food in raymundo.so i left my phone to another orgmate, and came back later.my brod (one i left with the phone) said there were missed calls and textmessages so i checked. it was edz, and then i heard someone called me! it was edz, in person! she was patiently waiting for me, because she bought me food!!!!oh my, i didnt know since i didn't bring my phone with me.i was really surprised.but i already bought some food, so i shared the food from edz with the other orgmates, and kept some for myself.i really, really appreciate what edz did for me.

see, she is really one genuine friend.and i am really looking forward to our night together tomorrow evening with another close friend.

it's a blessing to have a friend like edz.not just a friend, a very special friend, whom i won't trade for something else.except maybe house and lot??? heheh, just kidding.

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