Sunday, December 9, 2007

new look for the yuletide season

my friend and i was desperate for a new hairstyle, as chrsitmas is we decided last saturday, to make it come true.and since we wanted to be postitively sure of what we're about to do with our hair, we searched the net for possible hairstyles that will surely look good in us.but, we didn't make it to the salon, since we surfed too long, so we opted to go to our neighbor's house, looking for ate judy, known to be well adept in haircutting and hairstyling.she wasn't yet at home.we tried to send her a message, that if it's possible for her to cut our hair when she arrived.
near eleven in the evening, i went home, after hours of staying in my friend's house.we thought that there's lest chance of having our hair cut.minutes later, when i'm already home, ate judy knocked at our door, asking for, my friend and i went to her sister's house (our neighbor) and let her do her magic on our hair.
near midnight, we have our new hair!it's our new look for the season...
the good part is, ate judy is so great, we're not sorry for letting her cut our awaiting hair.

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