Monday, December 17, 2007

good tidings we bring...

we had our organization's carolling a while ago in sacay village.and, omg, the houses were so big, with tall gates, colorful christmas lights/decors, and reaching almost three floors (most). it felt like we were window shopping houses and lot inside the village.

nevertheless, we continued our activity and went from one house to another, singing the songs christmas in our hearts, jingle bell rock, tuloy n tuloy pa rin ang pasko and winter wonderland. it was tiring but exhilirating as well. there was this middle-aged woman who even sang and danced with us, before reaching out the money in the envelope. it was fun!

there was also this child who even requested us to sing one more time, and dance in the doorstep of their house. all the people there are obviously rich. but even so, their hearts were open to give us something from their pockets.

christmas is all about sharing.whether we have too much of everything or nothing at's a nice feeling if you can share something to someone, not just this Christmas but throughout the year.

let's bring good tidings to everyone.let's light up their faces with our kindness, that we may really feel the true essence of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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