Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrty!

i super duper enjoyed our organization's christmas party last night.i looooooooooooooove every moment of it. (",) the event started with a dinner, courtesy of our sis nina who catered the food.the dinner was uberly delicious! rice, rosemary pork (i didn't eat since it's not allowed in our religion), beef teriyaki, chicken strips and carbonara.i was so full, plus dessert which is a fruit salad. then the games proceeded after, with the genwel committee winning the 'chubby bunny' game, wherein the one who can speak the phrase with stuffed marshmallows in his/her mouth wins! next, sisses won against brod in the charades games and it was ecstatic...

exchange gifts took place after, and i received a lot of gifts.haha =) the gift when i opened it was filled with two books and three wrapped gifts more! i had a set of headbands-to use for the next it.really.

well, the night went on and on, with fun and laughter.even the brods threw the sisses into the was not in the plan, we didn't expect to happen.i was wet throughout the night till dawn.tsk.tsk.but we enjoyed singing in the videoke.getting wilder, noisier and wackier..

it was really an eventful night.a party i would NEVER forget.

merry christmas everyone!!!

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unlikelyhero said...

sounds like you had a great night!! i went to a party that i'll never forget last night too :) we were all dressed in 'tacky' Christmas clothes. and we ended up going in public places looking like we stepped outside of Christmas 1982. i don't know why but i thought you'd like that piece of info :) check out my blog journey4answers.blogspot i'd love your opinion!