Wednesday, December 19, 2007

an evening with two girls

i had fun with edz and mhie.we just came from dinner and now, we're all in this computer shop.
actually, they fetched me from my apartment and we endlessly took pictures in the seapark.we admired the beautiful christmas lights and lanterns, plus the wooden carved belen (manger scene of the birth of Jesus Christ).

anyway, we also watched the parolan, a parade of creatively made lanterns by different groups/organization in the vicinity.but, we left early to have our dinner in elbi square.along the way, we again took pictures in different poses-while walking, behind the coconut trees, along the street.and even during our dinner, we never grew tired of smiling for the camera.hehe.

i enjoyed the night.i am so happy that i spent it with these two girls, who are special to me.

edz and mhie, love you girls!!!

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