Sunday, December 16, 2007

in the bus

i just arrived in elbi, and i traveled from our place by bus. and i had an interesting travel sitting in the backseat of the bus.

it was a good thing that i follow some guys who came running toward one bus in the middle of the road.having poor eyesight, i didn't managed to read immediately the signboard of the vehicle.luckily, i still managed to get a seat, in the very back.

then, a father and son came, and since there were no seats available anymore, they had no choice but to stand up.i let the boy sat beside me, even letting him sleep in my back, and the conductor even thought i was traveling with him. i did it because i don't want him having a hard time standing up for the rest of the travel. he was just a boy!

aside from the boy, i encountered two loud passengers, both students in the college i was enrolled in. half of the travel, they were SINGING OUT LOUD.yea, i know they have freedom, but they should have been a little sensitive of their surrounding. the passenger beside them is a middle-aged woman who can't even sleep for a minute because of their noise. i didn't even know if they're gays or straight.(no idea!)

there was also this woman who was hot-headed, she was calling someone on her phone, demanding some answers from the text message she just received. she caught my attention because she was speaking too loud~loud enough for passengers in the bus to hear the conversation she was in.

there was traffic, causing a little delay in our travel.and it was getting hot in the bus.good thing the sky gave a little shower to cool the evening air. and, i hope to cool the head of the pasengers anxious to get to their respective destinations.

in every travel we are situated in, every vehicle we ride in, we are put into situations where we can either be friendly enough or a pain in the ass to the people we are with. it's a matter of choice if you'll gladly share your seat or kind enough to offer a smile to a weary old man. but the bottom line is, whatever you opt to do, you inflict change. whether you made a stranger smile or made someone's travel a little better. or lose the chance to gain a new friend.

life's like a meet and greet new go to different places, be in different situations.though it can be a bumpy ride or a smooth one..i hope you get to your destination, with a satisfied smile. (",)

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