Thursday, December 27, 2007

a new shopping experience

it was my very first time to go shopping in divisoria.we decided to check out 168 (building which houses many stores inside), since we have heard of many things about the place.many say that there are beautiful wardrobe apparel to see in affordable we went there.

at first, i didn't expect that 168 would be like that.we went in and many mini-stores came into view, selling different items, from clothes to shoes, jewelries to bags, and a lot more.i had a list in mind of stuff that i would be glad to buy if i find them in 168 acceptable to my tastes. so we roamed around the place, trying out some clothes, slipping into different shoes and going back ang forth, picking what has a reasonable price and fits us the most.

when we were hungry, we chose to stop to eat lunch, which was already passed twelve and went for a tour around the shops a little more.finally, we decided to leave the place. i had bought a short, leggings, two tops, a pair of doll shoes and an overall top. i am contented.

but then again, it's not yet time to go home.when we went out, it was drizzling and my mother had to buy something we walked on the muddy street crowded with a lot of people, finding that shop selling baby stuff. and at last, after hoursd of shopping, we let our weary bodies, especially feet came to rest, as we rode on a jeepney taking us to our next destination, nearer home. i was sleepy all throughout the travel and my head was falling down involuntary, hitting the shoulder of the person next to me in the embarassing.

an hour later, we were back home.we tried out the clothes and shoes we bought and was happy for the good results of our tiring shopping experience.

hope to come back there again one money first for me, since almost all my money was spent.hahaha.

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