Sunday, December 9, 2007

distance from home

i am acutely aware that there will come a time when i have to leave home to study in another place.even if it's just two hours travel, it's still different compared to a walking distance from home.ever since i began to study, it was in a school, a privae non-sectarian, consistently from preschool to it's a big change when i moved from home to stay in a dormitory when i entered college.

being a freshman offered lots of changes in my life.i don't have to wear uniform nor be in he same classroom for the whole day. i have to adjust living with complete strangers, but luckily, are friendly enough to accomodate me. since, there's no chance to cook food (which i am not yet capable at that time), i normally eat in a canteen within the dormitory grounds. i miss my mother's own cooking and have to manage my own money, trying to learn how to budget the allowance provided for the week.also, i'm not yet good in traveling, since i have lived to travel with my parents or just stay at i rarely go home, and my parents were usual visitors of the dormitory i was staying in, during sundays. it was a year full of first times and mega changes in my homebound lifestyle.

sophomore started with me, now part of an academic organization. i experienced my first college sportsfest, where i really lost some damn weight due to weekly activities and tiring games, such as basketball and volleyball. also, i experienced failing one subject and taking it once again. goods thing, i passed the second time around. i was already used to traveling, and can even stay in the near-campus apartment for the weekends, and not come home.i can even travel late at night, but opt to no usually do it. in the apartment, i stayed with three other girls, and started having late night dinner with my housemates, or find guys staying with us!maybe, due to insestent distraction and less privacy, i decided to move out, and find another place.

now, i'm in my junior year, i am staying alone in this up-and-down apartment unit, almost like a real home. i has almost complete stuff for me to survive alone.i learned how to cook rice, fry hotdogs, cook eggs and other stuff.i'm yet to learn how to cook more advanced viands, such as adobo. curry and paksiw, my favorite!i'm getting used to balance my hectic time and still appreciate bonding moments with friends. i also learned how to pay in banks for my apartment rent, plus water and electricity bills!i get o have my own atm account and manage money, my own way.

though i am a distance from home, i never get to be far away from my family. i learned how to be closer to them instead. and, i learn how to be less dependent in many aspects of my life. this is a step higher to gain independence and maturity in life. for me,our home will be there waiting for me to come back, wherever i go. :)

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