Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas in tagaytay

(tagaytay scenery)
well, it wasn't planned but then again, the trip to tagaytay was pushed through..
my dad, mom, me, my brother, half-brother and his family, ate ning and camille (neighbor).well, the trip to tagaytay was okay. a little drizzle on thw way and as we went nearer our destination, coldness swept over us. we had to turn off the aircon and the bad thing is, we didn't bring any jackets with us.and i was wearing shorts!! hahahaha.

in tagaytay, we parked on the large lawn reserved for horseback riding, and started having our picnic.yeah, picnic without spoon and fork.lol.so my sister-in-law had to buy somewhere. later on, we went down, strolling around the picnic grove. we took pictures and laughed on the way..

we just strolled for an hour and then we went home afterwards. my dad got an appointment to make in the evening so we didn't stay long. =)

but at least, we had fun!!..

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