Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Actually this was originally written last March 03, 2009.
Having an autograph back in my younger years is fun. You give it to your friends to be answered and be delighted with whatever they wrote in there. It’s not only the celebrity and famous people who get to sign an autograph, but even in our own circle of friends, we can experience writing on an autograph. So what were those familiar questions on that special book? Let me refresh your memory as I try to re-do the usual queries when you open an autograph.

Of course, the usual first page will include the basic information about the person who will be answering, like name, nickname, age, birthday, birth address, school, etc. But, the next half of the page will include inquiries of the person’s favorites, interests, likes and dislikes. So here it goes.

Hobbies: Reading books, writing anything – may it be stories or lyrics of a song, surfing the net, sketching clothes
Favorite Color: BLUE, a bit of Pink and Green (specifically, Apple Green)
Favorite Book: Echoes, Angels Among Us
Favorite Author: Danielle Steel, Arthur Maxwell
Favorite Actor/Actress: Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning
Favorite TV Show: Gossip Girl, CSI
Favorite Movie: What a Girl Wants, Parents’ Trap, Princess Diaries and Hairspray
Favorite Song: This is what Dreams are made of, Breathless
Favorite Band/Singer: Mariah Carey, Celine Dion
Favorite Food: Isis’ Chicken Penne Salad, Shanghai Rolls, KFC’s Oriental Bowl
Favorite Drinks: Yakult, Iced Coffee Latte (Nescafé), Four Seasons-flavored Drink
Likes: Books, Sweet-sounding music, Family get-together, Food
Dislikes: People who are TOO frank, TOO demanding and BIG liars/users
Motto: (before) What is beauty if the brain is empty?
(now) What cannot kill you, will only make you stronger.
Dream in Life: I want to be a doctor, a successful one, with my own clinic in my mother’s province. I also dream to be a well-established author of a book (can’t decide yet if medical-inclined).

See? I remember before, I can’t always decide which is which will be my favorite movie or show, or even the food and book. Funny, now I can almost write at once what are my favorites. Proceeding to the next page of the autograph, if you recall, will be the page of the ‘more personal’ data about the person. And, this is where rumors and teasing will result from, since questions such as ‘Who is your crush?’ and ‘Who is your first love?’ are interesting information to digest.

Describe yourself: I am not that tall, almost 5 feet. I used to have long black hair, but now I have it shoulder-length. Brown eyes and brown skin – typical Filipina features.
Define LOVE: Love is special – it connects lives and sets apart differences.
Who is your CRUSH? I do not have a crush at this moment (honestly).
Have you ever been IN LOVE? Yes.
Who is your FIRST LOVE? The one I fell in love with for the first time – Drew.
What are his/her qualities you like? Big sense of humor and thoughtfulness
Are you two compatible? I don’t think so. He doesn’t want a girl who is a friend to be in love with him, so he walked out of my life.
In what ways? --
Happiest Moment: Each moment I laughed with no constraints or limits – I’m happy.
Most Embarrassing Moment: I mistook a friend’s twin sister as her and I didn’t really believe it at first. I was insisting that she is my friend but she really isn’t. At that time, I didn’t know my friend has a twin sister. She even showed me her school ID and a friend of hers proved me wrong and in front of so many students. Embarrassing!
Greatest Achievement in Life: Graduating valedictorian in our high school batch

These inquiries really struck a nerve in me. Good, I’m done with these questions. But really, it is no wonder people will flock to see your answers and start issues regarding that. The last page is the Dedication page, where you write anything you want to the owner of the autograph. Of course, this page is the most special to the one in possession of the autograph, for she can read and re-read all those sweet notes by her/his friends for her/him.

I just thought of this – do boys also possess autographs? I haven’t encountered back in my elementary and high school days, so I do not know with other people. I mostly see female students, armed with their well-decorated autographs, for their friends to sign.

AUTOGRAPHS – Remembering them brings back memories of the past. They may be memories filled with happiness or sadness, but still part of who we are right now. If you ever encountered your autograph once again while cleaning your old closet, sit back and open it. You’ll never know what surprises are waiting for you again, as you flip those worn pages, filled with notes of people who have been part of your life.

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