Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Coming Out

I am okay already, regarding the issue of the past entry. Although, I haven't personally open up the issue to the person involved, I decided it will be better put off in the past. I am used to her already, maybe I am just shocked to what happened. i forgive her. I forgive myself. I can yield to my emotions too fast.

On the other hand, it's already finals week. And I am fervently wishing that I won't be in the list of students who will be required to take a final exam in one of my major subjects. I accept my fate in Chemistry, since it's known, even beforehand that I will be taking that exam. Aside from that, it is a NO NO NO to other subjects.

I want to rest. I still haven't process the papers of my change of plan. I should be having Sp and BIO 101 this summer. The petition for the latter subject is not yet on the roll, so I am a bit nervous about that. I hope I managed to get them both registered this summer, that I can maximize the time for the remaining units this coming first semester.

O well, I am supposed to graduate this April but I am not on the list. Haha. I know, I am delayed, I still got 15 units more to cover before I can say I am officially donw with my undergraduate life. And the graduation march will most probably take place, next year. Oh yeah.

I haven't reviewed for NMAT and I can't help but get anxious about it. It is my first take but I wish I can garner a high percentile rank so that I don't need to take another this December. The fee is a bit expensive, so I'd rather do well in this first one. I really wish I can continue to Medicine next year. It has been my aspiration and flicker of hope to go on with my life. I want to be a doctor. Simple as it may sounds, but it is complicated, I know.

I need to rest so I have stop blabbering about stuff. Summer is kickin' in. And it is really getting hot, I wonder if I can manage to wear skimpy and light clothes this year? Haha. I wish.

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