Sunday, March 8, 2009

REST is what I need.

I am so tired.

I just finished my term paper for Biomed.

And I have to do a powerpoint presentation for my report on the same paper.

My report is due this Tuesday.

Hell yeah.

I'm in for a tiring week.

Two exams this coming Friday.

I want to relax.

Oh, I remember! Good thing I went with my friends to stay in a resort the other night.

It was a relaxing night for me.

All I did is swim, swim swim. Oh and I also ate and then swim again. And also sang in the videoke.

I need another like that after this semester.

Tired. Tired. Tired.

My fingers are already numb from typing.

My back is sore from sitting upright.

My head is aching from thinking too much.

My eyes are getting blurrier than before from looking at my laptop's screen the whole day until now.

Rest is what I need.

I guess, I'll have to resort to dreaming.

I hope I will have a nice dream when I crawl into my bed later.

That will be sweet.

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