Wednesday, March 11, 2009

help me breathe!

Doctor: You are diagnosed with URTI.

I watched her as she wrote it in the medical certificate - upper respiratory tract infection. The same ailment I was diagnosed with the last time I came to be checked up. So what is really URTI? Is this a chronic disease that needs to be cured instantly or a common sickness prevailing among immunodeficient individuals?

The respiratory tract is the most common site for infection by pathogens. What are pathogens? Pathogens are famously known as germs that can cause disease or illness to the host. Although the human body's respiratory system houses normal flora organisms which are beneficial, there are still potential pathogens which invade the system and eventually trigger disease or ailment. Upper respiratory tract infections may result from this colonization of invasive and infectious agents. You can experience common cold, influenza and/or sore throat.

In my situation, I have (I'm writing at the same time I'm having URTI) sore throat and common cold. Common cold includes symptoms ranging from coughing, sneezing and runny nose that can also lead to congestion, headache and sore throat. Unfortunately, I am experiencing all. Yes. And that is not a good feeling, actually. It is difficult to fall asleep when you have a hard time breathing. It is an effort to study and read your notes when your head aches once in a while. And you can't even concentrate on something when you have to dash for a tissue or hanky to wipe your nose! But thankfully, I'm not yet doom to have flu symptoms since I do not have fever. If you are reading this and experiencing such, then continue reading...

Treatment for URTI is simple - plenty of rest and fluids. Drink water a lot. Tuck in your bed early and wear out those fatigue bones in your body. Take in the medicine prescribed by the doctor, but know that these over-the-counter drugs will not lessen the duration of infection. These will only give you a temporary relief from the pain that you're going through. Also, it is advisable to gargle lukewarm water with salt. I was prescribed to use Betadine gargle and despite the taste, I have to admit, it helps my sore throat issue. Whenever you feel symptoms of URTI, do not be afraid to consult your doctor. It is never that bad to be checked up once in a while.

Despite it all, an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure. Make sure you get lots of rest and fluids. It is a much nicer feeling of being healthy and away from such illnesses.

Live a happy life - longer and healthier! =)


gillboard said...

Thanks for the visit, and I hope you're feeling better. Sabi mo nga, just take plenty of water and get alot of sleep... said...

Waaaaah, okay ka na ba? ANo ba kasi ang mga sinisinghot mo? haha. Joke lang

Question, Can smoking cause this infection?

noah said...

Di ko alam pano ko kayao marereplyan. Amf..

@ gillboard: O well, I'm a bit okay na, pero ayun, meron pa ding sipon at ubo. :( Ang hirap mag-aral for my exam last night. Tsk. Kaya ayun, di pa rin plenty of rest, pero plenty of fluids naman. Hehe.

@yoshke: Haha. Sana 'sino' na lang ang sinisinghot ko. =p Uhm, I'm not sure pero allergens din kasi ang key factor why you get URTI eh. Ako kasi, may case na ng allergy rhinitis kaya ayun.. said...

haha, sige, hanap ka kasi ng masisinghot na hindi "ano" kundi "sino." naughty noah. tsk tsk tsk... haha

noah said...

naku ah... sana lang may mahanap!

haha :D

ihanap mo na nga lang kaya ako?