Monday, March 30, 2009

Salute Graduates!

It's the March-April season once again, and that means Graduation fever has swept over the nation. It would have swept me off my feet too if I am one of the graduates to march in the UPLB Freedom Park. But sadly, I am not YET graduating for the year. Well, hopefully next year you'll hear the GOOD NEWS from me. Right now, I'll just be focusing on taking up the remaining 15 units left in my course. And by October, I'm done. Yes, I really hope that I'll be done by that time.

My friends, high school batchmates and fellow Biology students back in UPLB are on their way to wearing their toga this late April and accept their diplomas. I am so happy for them. I'm regretting a bit that I haven't performed well and isn't graduating on time, but I'm just thinking there's a purpose. And people do mistakes, that's how they learn and grow. My dreams never falter, even if I am not graduating on time. I'll still be pursuing Medicine and years from now, I will be a successful doctor, no matter what.

So that means, student still for the next 5-6 years. Yeah, I know, some say it is tiring, but I don't care. I am passionate to be a doctor. That's why I'm composing myself to do better. Not to repeat the same mistake again. Then, one day, I'll graduate ON TIME and a doctor-to-be. That will be the BEST-est NEWS ever.

I know my parents will be soooo glad. And so am I.

But for now, CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATES of year 2009! God bless. . . =)


Yoshke said...

pasasaan ba't gagraduate ka rin. ahihihi.

Dapat oncologist ka ha. :P

noah said...

thanks Yoshke. =)