Friday, March 6, 2009

Swirling thoughts

-I'm now officially addicted to the songs 'Crush' and 'My life would suck without you' by David Archuleta and Kelly Clarkson, respectively.

-I will be trying to FINISH my term paper and my powerpoint presentation this weekend for my Biomed reporting (sighs).

-I missed swimming and I'm glad I accepted the invitation of my friends to go to a resort. I enjoyed it very much.

-I am confused. Someone's presence is confusing me and a disturbing "issue" is really disturbing me. In short, I'm not only confused, I'm also disturbed.

-I didn't go home this weekend AGAIN. I miss our home and my family and our dogs and my cats.

-I want to eat already. I am terribly hungry but I don't have food yet.

-I am starting another story and I hope by this time I get to finish this one. I have so many unfinished stories! (sighs)

-I am craving for some ice cream, pasta and pizza - yet I have to stop myself from indulging to my cravings and wasting too much money.

-I am feeling stupid for deleting one of the sent embryology files of my classmate in my email's inbox account. Now I have to tell my friend to re-send but I have to wait till tonight.

-I want to crawl back into bed and just sleep.

-I want to lose weight. Haha.

-I want a new dress, shoes and book.

-I hope I could pass my Chem 160's 4th exam. Damn.

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