Saturday, May 8, 2010

new blog and Mother's Day

This is my latest upcoming blog.
Yes, everything regarding my being SINGLE and more.

I just couldn't dig much on the issue with this original blog of mine.
I think that's for another, so that's why I put the new blog.


Tomorrow, or rather today (20 minutes past midnight of May 09, 2010) is MOTHER'S DAY.
A day for mothers to just relax and put on hold of all things they've been busy doing everyday - laundry, ironing, making meals, babysitting, in short, working their asses off.

It's a moment to share closely with your Inay, Ina, Mama, Mommy, Mom, Nanay... or whatever endearments you have for the "ilaw ng tahanan".

It's a special day to make her more than simply special, to make her feel appreciated, loved, pampered and taken care of.

It's a time to be reminded where we came from, who is the person who nurtured us inside their wombs for almost 9 months, endured a pain-wrecking labor hours, warmed us up in the cocoon of their arms every breast-feeding seconds...

It's a moment to just hold her in our arms, feel her heartbeat rest against ours, to shower her kisses we fail to give in ordinary days...

It's a celebration of her character, her individuality, her ever-distinct presence in our family, her constant voice calling us or waking us up every morning...

It's Mother's Day.

And with that, an all-smiles and twinkling eyes greetings of HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to your beloved MOTHER.


and of course, including MINE.

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happy mother's day to your mama! :D