Saturday, May 22, 2010

of June and Raph

I don't know them personally.
Yet, they seem to be part of the missing pieces in my life.
Cheesy much, but seriously, I'm really happy I've been fated to meet them.
Although we happened to be online buddies, contented for now in chatting, I'm always excited to see them online.
They make me smile, laugh and just treat me as if they've also known me for so long.
They're the kind of people I missed growing up with, the friends I wanted to be with.
It' a fair chance that I met them separately but I never thought they are actually connected (their hearts are).

She's witty, funny and pretty.
She has this strong personality despite the very being she has grown up with.
She inspires me to live, to feel contented, to feel blessed.
I love her, completely and no, I'm no lesbian or else Raph is the one strangling me.

He's the horny little Frenchie who is my pseud0 big brother, I wish he's the real one.
He's nice, sings good (I've seen his youtube performance), very sweet and French.
Oh, did I forget he's an ultimate Frenchie hunk?
Yes, he is.
June is one lucky bitch. (giggles)

I'm just saying I am blessed I have them now in my life, though not in physical aspect.
They made me feel less alone.
And with that, meeting them is a gift I won't trade with anyone else.

If I get to travel the world in the distant future, I'll make sure to meet them, hug them and show them the happiness they've evoke in me.

I love you June and Raph.
This is my crappy but cheesy, oh and heartfelt tribute letter to the both of you.
And no, the two are alive and kicking.

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