Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Caramel frappe, the sweet heavenly goodness I had after walking under the scorching heat of the sun in UPLB.

I have been a fan of frappe ever since I encountered it.
I am not a regular customer of Starbucks, so no, I didn't meet my first ever frappe in that famous shop.
I tasted my first frappe (which is a mocha frappe) in ISIS, a cafe/bar located in College, Laguna.
No, I'm not plugging, I'm just telling...
I am not an avid fan of coffee, honestly.
I grew up not drinking coffee.
But later on, I met Nescafe Iced Coffee Latte and I evolved.
I began seeing coffee in a different light.
I will drink coffee if it is not HOT.

Oh yes.
I would indulge in coffee products if it is iced or in the form of frappe.
And that is the reason why I have been very much in love with FRAPPE.

Frappe is an iced coffee drink, covered with foam or whip cream, which I truly like.
And according to Wikipedia, in French, frappe incorporates the definition of shaken or chilled.
There you have it, frappe is chilled coffee drink, a relief from the summer heat.

There are many shops growing all around the world, of course, specifically in the Philippines which offer different flavors of frappe, from mocha frappe to caramel-flavored, to choco java frappe and choco mint..there's so much to choose from, the list goes on.

If you're not up for a frappe, you can have other coffee drinks, like cafe latte, espresso or just plain coffee.

I am not a coffee addict, but if you invite me to go grab a drink, let's go and chill with a frappe. That would leave me completely refreshed, especially with this kind of heat.

I'll try the rocky road frappe next time!

This caramel frappe is from Ristretto, a coffee shop situated in Vega, College,Laguna.

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