Sunday, May 9, 2010


Honestly, I'm a very emotional person.
In short, sensitive and expressive.
Tipong parang open-book kasi alam agad ng mga taong malapit sa'kin ano nararamdaman ko.
Take this one instance for example.

Scene 1
Mama: Anak, alis muna kami. Maya ka na umuwe bahay pagbalik namin. (we are in the fundraising kasi ng church)
Anak: (uber antok na, gising since 6am at past 5pm na) Gusto ko na umuwi eh.
L: (lumapit sakin, minasahe neck ko) Hi Lel...
Anak: (nageemote pa din sa nanay dahil gusto na ngang umuwe)
L: Ay, wala sa mood si Hallel. (sabay walk away from me)

They just know when to tease me and when to feel whatever's emotions boiling inside me.
Unfortunately, they're just a few bunch who really know.

Also, they know how I can be "bitchy" during PMS days.
The very reason why, I experience this "girly stuff" for a week, usually delayed so imagine the CRAMPS and the FLOW I endure..
Imagine the PAIN, thus heightens the EMOTIONAL side of me.

Scene 2
Me: (taranta mode) Ano ba yan... nakakainis naman.. ba't naman ganito? (in short, I was just ranting endlessly, I can be 'madaldal' kasi)
R: Naku, nagiging "monster" mode na si Lel. Kalmado lang.
Me: Sorry.. e kasi naman...
R: Relax. Chill.
Me: (ayun, tinatry ko magchill.. the effort, huh!)

Kaya ayun, I'm moody.
In short, I got a flare of TEMPER and it's been part of me.
As much as I try to stretch out my patience, calm my nerves, I usually, most of the times, get easily irritated.
Panic, tantrums and monster-bitchy mood will come next.

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