Monday, May 24, 2010

DAY 1 - The Drawing of a Girl

I love to doodle.
I love to just draw anything that comes to mind especially when I get hold of any paper and writing material.
And this, is the product of my "artistic" side when I was lounging inside my father's office.
Honestly, my dad's laughing at me and what I'm doing because he's not mocking me, but amused at his 21-year old daughter, drawing something like this.
Oh yes.
I know it's childish, but who cares.
I'm all-smiles when I finally finished this one.
It's actually whole body, minus the shoes of the girl, but I decided to take a shot of the upper half instead.
This is what I can do, I can draw somewhat a girl.
I know I'm not the very gifted artist like other people out there, but I still can draw.
I'm happy with that.

Day 1 of Project 365 - May 24, 2010

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Devina said...

Главное проявление твоего внутреннего состояния!)))