Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year's resolution

I never thought what will be my New Year's resolution and I am actually writing this, less than an hour before the first day of January 2009. So what will it be?

Resolution. According to Wikipedia, New Year's resolution is a commitment made by an individual - it can be to change one's lifestyle or to reform a certain habit. Reform which is to change. Maybe, change for the better. In my case, let me think. First on my list will be LONGER PATIENCE. Yes, it has been my weakness ever since I was born. But I have noticed lately, for the past months, I have learned to remain silence whenever I can sense my patience already waning. Unlike before, easily get pissed out and becomes hysterical. Talk about being rude too, especially to the person/s who literally irritated me. Special mention: my brother.

Second will be being positive, especially to how I look. I always feel insecure, this is a trait that has always dragged my self-esteem down. I want to feel positive. I want to be POSITIVE. I am an optimistic person but this personality of mine has been a wayward trademark on me.

What should my other resolutions be? I haven't got any for last year though, as far as I can remember. It is still a good thing to have resolutions. They serve as reminders of what you should do or improve for the coming days of your life. Just as long as they live up to their purpose. It will be a sad thing not to put an effort to make those plans come true for you. Life could be way. . .way BETTER.

Good luck to your New Year's resolutions. Keep on living!

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