Monday, December 29, 2008

hello 2009

Another year is on the roll and now it is time for the year of the Ox, as based on Chinese calendar to take its toll. I decided to search some basic information about this year and soon enough, predictions for the 2009 are already available on the web. The provided a lengthy discussion on what to expect and what to prevent in the coming year. With my heightening curiosity, I decided to click on the forecast for those born in the year of the snake ( I am born on year 1989). I read about three unlucky stars who will bring about bad news to my life - an elderly getting sick, fluctuations and "emotional rollercoaster", as the article stated in relationships. But since there's no elderly in my family and I'm not in any kind of relationships (boy-girl, of course), can I say it won't be applicable for me? Next stop is the lucky stars, as Chinese astrologers called them, and it was written that there are more shining lucky stars on Snake-borne individuals like me, compared to the past years. Promising marriages, promotion, salary-raise, and improved leadership skills are waiting to be achieved! Is that a VERY good sign? I can say, yes, but only one can be possible for me, and that is IMPROVED LEADERSHIP SKILLS. I'm never that good even though I have been elected officer many times back in high school days. As far as I can see, I'm a mediocre when it comes to leadership.

Okay, forget about my leadership skills and back to the main gist - year 2009. I am not the kind of person too inclined on forecasts or superstitions, not to mention astrological beliefs. Even in my own country's "pamahiin", I do not personally obliged myself to apply them in my life. Just a few, maybe, and mostly influenced by my mother. Yet, I respect those people who firmly believed on such, to the point they depend their lives on these superstitial stuff. If it applies to them, why not?

The bottomline is, you make your own future. Yes, another year will come, again and again, it is up to an individual to work it all out. Even if I've read on predictions that I, who was born in the year of the Snake will have it good this year, I can even make it better. Life has many surprises waiting to be unfold, and I won't doubt 2009 has more to deliver. May it be inspired by the stars or good luck, year 2009 will depend on where you are, what you are and how you are doing it. If you want change, then CHANGE. If you want to be the same, stay the same.

As for me, I'm willing to do BOTH. Change for a better person, which I badly needed to do (learn patience!) and stay the same as the simple and family-oriented girl, born in the year 1989.


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