Sunday, January 4, 2009

appreciate me more!

Being appreciated is the most wonderful thing for me. But it does not require drastic measures such as trophy or gifts or awards. A simple word of appreciation will do. Yet, in this world I lived in, appreciation is taken for granted. People I met think that appreciation is never needed as long as you get what you wanted. As long as everything goes well. In my case, I do not need constant murmurs of appreciation. I want to feel it as well. It does not matter if I do not hear it every time I do something for that person, just a small hint that he or she is grateful, that is already a heartwarming sensation for me.

In life, appreciation has helped a lot, in boosting one's self-esteem or encouraging one's dream. Acknowledging one's good efforts, may it be heroism or genuine help, gives a positive eye on gratitude. Gratitude is one value that we must bear in our heart and mind. Being thankful for what we have is contentment. And being contented is what gives more meaning to life. And life is much beautiful if we learn how to be appreciative. In every corner of our life, as we look back to the past, look forward in the future and dwell on the present, the gift of appreciation must be magnified. There is so much to appreciate - staying alive, having good health, meeting true friends and more. Why would we focus more on what we do not have when we could already be happy with what we have? And why would we cease to appreciate someone when we know he or she is worthy of being appreciated?

It is just a case of taking the lead - the initiative to open up your mouth and speak words of appreciation. What an effect it could do for someone! And what an effect it could do to you too! Now, it is year 2009, is it better to be more appreciative then? Why don't we start by saying how much we are thankful for those people who have been watching your back for the longest time? They may be your parents, grandparents or close friends. Stop for a while and say "Thank you". You'll never know what those words will do for them.

A million thanks for those who are reading and visiting my blog. Happy New Year!

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