Tuesday, December 30, 2008

shopping everyone?

It's a common practice, or should I say, a required routine for people to go shopping, especially during the holiday season - Christmas and New Year. And I admit, this year has been a grand shopping experience for me.

Let's just say that I have been to three-days shopping spree, one before Christmas and two before the celebration of a brand new year. I'm not bragging that I have the MONEY and the TIME to do this kind of thing. I'm just spending what money I've saved for the past months. Yes, money I patiently stashed in my wallet, controlling myself not to spend it otherwise. So what's with shopping? Many people love to do this stuff, and I'm not included. Actually, I do shopping whenever my wallet and schedule permit me to do so! Those will be when I need some stuff, as in NEEEEEEEED them badly that I have to ask my Mom to accompany me to the nearest mall. Beside those circumstances, I do not favor going to the mall regularly. Really. But I still like looking at the dresses and the bags and the shoes and the sandals. Ohhhhkay. I must admit I still like shopping, as long as it won't take me too long to stroll inside the mall.

And now that the season is back, more people are swarming inside the mall just to get their hands on the year-end sale. Too many people are flocking in, their money in tow and a long list of things to buy. Well, you can't blame them. It has been an insistent fact that they must have new stuff, especially circular things when the break of another year comes in. Homes must be sparkly clean and the table is filled with delicious feast. You won't know who's coming over to eat and chat!

As for me, my shopping experience is fun. I bought a lot, much to my expectations - bags, sandals, tops, shorts, dresses. Thanks to my savings, I had pull it all through. Still, I kept in mind to buy a simple gift for my Mom, for her wondrous efforts. She sweetly asked for it, though, I just can't say NO of course!

And yes, even if still there are people who can't shop till they drop, including me, let's not forget the values of sharing and saving. It's never a huge responsibility to give something to someone. And it's a good thing to save, for whatever future's has in you.

So, are you ready to do more shopping? :)

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