Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Actually, he is not. Absolutely NOT. If he's a prince, then I should be a princess, but I'm not. He's not blue-blooded either. So, what's with the fancy title? It's because he ACTS LIKE A PRINCE. I don't mean to speak badly of princes but it is a general fact that a prince is served. Yes. A prince doesn't do his laundry, someone else does it for him. He lives in a grand palace and everything's set without him moving a finger. Bath, clothes, meals, dirty dishes. . . and even money is no hassle. He can spend on anything, someone else pays it for him (it can be his family's bank or the king's wealth itself). And that is how it compliments my brother well. He always feel supreme, an egoistic air floats around his character making it worse. I do not mean to be rude to my own brother but he started it. He is the one being RUDE and UNFAIR that it always makes my blood boil.

My brother can be charming and sweet, if he wants to. And that includes those times he needed something from me or from my parents. Like money to buy new clothes or stuff to give away to some "special" friends. He doesn't even focus on his own studies! What the heck?!?! I just . . . I just want him to be CONSCIOUS. To be wary of what he is doing, my mother is having a HARD TIME with him. He never offers help. And if he did help, it's quick as a lightning. He mostly TALKS BACK. I don't think he has the right to talk back when he, in the first place, doesn't act and behave well. I'm not perfect, okay? I'm not judging my brother. I just feel sorry for him. He thinks he KNOWS everything. He acts as if he is SMART ENOUGH to get away with his own mistakes. I know he is smart academically, but he is JUST LAZY to even push an effort to enhance his school performance.

I know my blog should be about me, but I'm talking about how I feel about my brother. I love him so much. I know I've never been the perfect sister, since I could be a BRAT when it comes to him. I care for my parents. I care about him. I just hope, this coming 2009, he will decide to be better. And I for one, will just pray for patience to absolutely stay firm. I do not wish to be back to the way it was before - the two of us constantly bickering. I'm tired to even do that anymore.

So younger brothers out there, be sensitive. Do not make your parents' or sister's lives harder than they were. And older sisters like me. Patience is all I can say.


123davelee said...

hi, thanks for checking out my site.! I liked what you had to say about your brother, i feel very similar to my one brother who lives in Costa Rica now for 11 years. he is awesome and a big inspiration to my life!
David Lee.

123davelee said...

i tried to "rate"y your blog but couldnt find where to do that?

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