Sunday, February 8, 2009

it must be the ball

I saw this photo in one of my friends' photo album in her multiply account. A candid shot, sporty me, trying to serve the ball during a heated volleyball finals competition. This is last year, in mid-September, if I remember it right. We won. And of course, we are the champions - we, meaning, our organization. Actually, our volleyball team haven't lost all throughout the season - we're having a winning streak, to be exact.

It's nice to remember, volleyball has been one of my sports. Well, I am not an expert player, but I do know how to play and I think I play well. Friends tell me I'm good, so I believe that. People I know, always tell me I'm a sporty one. Aside from volleyball, I also play basketball, table tennis and badminton. The last two, I'm just playing for fun. Basketball and volleyball are where I can say, I'll be confident playing in. Being in the game gives you the thrill, the tension and the suspense all at the same time. It's a much faster pace when it comes to basketball, and much more aggressive. In volleyball, it's more passive. That's what I think.

Looking back at that stolen picture of me, I couldn't help but smile. I don't remember if I made that serve, I am just happy I'm in that game. I'm happy we won and I'm part of that victorious feeling of emerging champions after that.

Whether I serve the ball or shoot it, I make sure, I give it my best. Just like in life, you'll never be a winner if you quit halfway. Just like now, I will continue living and playing my sports. It's what I love.

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