Thursday, February 19, 2009

my life would suck without you


In political terms, FACTION is a grouping of individuals, within a political organization, with a political purpose ( In simple words, faction is a group of people sharing the same belief or holding on to the same agenda or motives. I also read, that some factions are loose organizations, with no definitive list of members. while on the other hand there exist factions bearing strong internal structure and official positions for its list of members.

When a faction rises in a group of people, this means a new group is arising, with different thoughts against what is intended for the original group. And that means, there will be partitions of opinions, differences of decisions and plans. And what is the result - divided organization.

Globally, and even locally, this is not a new notion, since there are many cases of growing factions within an organization or existing parties. And we have been, if not part of it, victims of the consequences of such events. In government situation, existence of factions contribute to endless conflicts within the officials, and thus, the environment for them is not conducive anymore for a peaceful convergence of ideas and plans for the welfare of the people they serve. And what do we get in return, continuous trials and cases of impeachments, graft and corruption, and unfinished projects for the country and the hopeful citizens. Is this what we deserve for placing these people in their positions? Will we let them form their own factions just for their own personal and "powerful" benefits? Then, why don't we examine our lives and observe our surroundings. Do these factions not exist around us? Do they not start even within small groups such as class or even social organizations?

I have been a witness to this certain factions and what they lead to, afterwards. Factions even exist in families, where some members of the family grouped together against some fellow family relatives. Will this be helpful? I think not. This will only increase bickerings and pursuit for more arguments. Once a united stronghold, now a divided clan. Do we want that? A family is supposed to be united. And once we are in a class, or in an organization, we recognize these people we are with as new family members. The assurance of unity, through thick and thin, we expect the best and the worst together. But once the family is broken, factions arise, you can just observe how fast the people within the group will start to lose trust and connection. You do not know who to trust to anymore. You do not know if you're teaming up with this faction or the other one. A group is now divided into subgroups, just like a classification phylogeny where a family will be subdivided into genera. Although they are in the same family, they now exist as separate factions. And that is a sad thing.

Unity is essential. You cannot achieve something as a group if the members are not united. When you have a goal in focus, despite the differences that lie within each individual within the group, once you have the same motive, the group will succeed in reaching that goal. Take the case of the Fall of Jericho, as written in the Bible. The Israelites marched "together" around the building, blowing their horns and singing, and through God's power and their unity, Jericho crumbled down.

There is a common saying "United we stand, divided we fall", together we will not crumble easily, but as divided factions, a group/family/organization will easily come tumbling down.

Just like in our country, all we need is unity. If we want these turmoil to end, we have to be at one, to be standing on the same ground, believing in the same cause, or else, our country will just continue embarking on a lifetime dependency for survival, hanging on that thin line of hope for the future.

And for us, let us not forget. No man is an island. Yes, once you are part of a group, cooperate. Be united. No factions. No hidden motives.

We could have a peaceful life when that happens. I know. And I believe, you also think so. :)

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