Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Choice

One should be aware of the possibilities his or her choice will result into.
Every action has its own consequence.
Every decision has an effect, not only on the person who chooses, but on other people as well.

Most of the time, we take for granted this "freedom of will" that the Lord has given us. We tend to manipulate it and take control. Having this gift does not mean we can do everything we wanted to. Respect, temperance, love... the list goes on, accounting for all the values essential in a person. If love is absent, so is respect, and so is self-control. Once we don't possess such qualities, we go berserk, going beyond the thin line between right and wrong. The sad part is, when we fall steeply down because of the repercussions of our actions, we push all the blame to God. We accused Him for not protecting us, for not warning us, for not helping us. Yet we fail to realize that along the way, He has been calling us to walk back to the right path, to follow His Word, but we turned a blind eye and strolled away from His outreached hands.

I always tend to overanalyze things that happen.
And at the same time, I always got swept away by emotions, that all rational thoughts are flooded with tempered outbursts which I will regret later on. It's always a struggle to keep my heart and mind in order, lest I lose sight of what's important. It's a balance between emotions and thoughts. Too much brain will discard empathy, and too much feelings will block rationale. When one lever in the seesaw is too high up, the other will be dragged down on the ground. When one's too emotionally attached, he or she cannot see beyond, will be in constant denial of the wrong that is obviously right before his eye. And when the person thinks too much, he fails to understand his heart and unconsciously push the person who really cares away.

Making decision is never easy.
The weight of responsibility for every decision made is never a light burden.
Yet, acting on it with integrity and humility, after seeking the Lord's guidance, makes the difference.
It takes out too much self-reliance and focuses more on person's dependence on God.

Life has many options.
Tricky, I may say, it's like being in the middle of crossroads, with many lanes to choose from.
Where will this road take me to?
Will it be a different matter if I take the other one?
Life is toss and turn, like the water in the river. When you're tossed to one side, you may think this is what you want to do. Then when you're tossed on the opposite side, you will start thinking that this is what you should do.

The Bible reminds us, that "in a man, he is the one who has many plans in his heart, but it is the Lord who will direct his path."

Despite knowing what you want to do, it's still a different matter if that is the path you should take. That's why consistent communion with the Lord provides the answers to your silent prayers. The Lord alone knows of our desires, of our plans and aspirations. And He knows the best for everyone.

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