Sunday, September 4, 2011


There have been so many happenings in my life for the past year. I'm sad though that I haven't "thought" of ranting them all out here. At least, I'd get to refresh my memories when I read them time and time again. But alas, no time for regrets so let's move on.

I am an irregular medical student. Boo hoo. But we'll talk about it next time. I'm not in the mood to dwell much in depression and disappointments. Let's talk about my latest addiction. Well, it's not really an addiction.. but maybe, it is.

I fell in love with the Korean pop music. Well, at first it was just purely POP, you know, those boy and girl dance groups singing and dancing at the same time. Then, in a steady development, I got deeper into knowing about them and fell in love with those other artists who sing ballad and not just pop. Plus, I searched the treasure islands (I mean K-pop blog sites) where I can search information, latest songs and fashion, and even news about my favorite artists.

So, in all honesty, I am a K-pop lover BUT not an official fan member of any fan club, though. I just can't pick one, that's why.

Continuing with what I am spazzing about, I'll offer you a list of some of those K-pop artists I just adore.. not just "physically" but more on "vocally". I'm that type of girl who craves for the vocal talent and not just the looks.

1. Daesung (Bigbang)

He started off as the underdog member of Bigbang since there have been negative comments that swarmed him, talks like "he's not as handsome as the other members". But ever since I discover Bigbang (which by the way is really really a popular and successful boy group since 2006), he quickly got my attention. There's something in his smile and his humor that seemed to pull you in. Plus, if you hear his voice, you'll just be blown away. He's not just a pop singer, he's good at trot, as well, and is acting. Although, there has been an incident that has pulled him back from the music scene, I just hope he'll recover and return back as a stronger person and will FINALLY perform and record a solo album (since the other members have done it already! YG, give him a chance!!!), I'm sure he'll just capture my heart.


He emerged in the music scene as part of five-membered crew of MBLAQ under J.Tune Entertainment, which, by the way is headed by the superstar himself, RAIN. Kicking that aside (haha!), GO captured my attention with his "signature look", a mustache that seemed to have worked its magic to many fans. But he got rid of it with their second album and still wowed his female noona fans, nevertheless. Aside from being "hot" and physically fit (he can do the Nike move expertly), his vocals are amazing. His voice just seemed to rock you in a sweet lullaby as he sings a mellow love song or a good pick-me-upper when he sings a happy upbeat song with the other guys.

3. CL (2NE1)

2NE1 has become one of the outstanding K-pop artists in the music scene as of late, with their unique display of fashion, outstanding songs, crazy interesting music videos and explosive stage performances. No wonder, Blackjacks (official fan club) just can't get enough of their girls. My favorite song is I Don't Care, I'm just addicted to that song. But I'm more into is CL, the badass leader and mean rapper of the group. She just screams "total performer is on loose, baby" whenever she gets onstage or gets on screen for their music videos. She's a natural-born performer, she lives to perform and to make it more than a hundred percent good. I thought she's just good at rapping, not much in singing, but she got it in her. Her vocals is good and she knows how to express each song with such charisma, drama and creativity. So, hands down, Miss Chaerin!

4. Hyunseung (B2ST)

In all honesty, I just discovered about B2ST this year. And since then, I liked them, most especially Hyunseung. He is supposed to be a Bigbang member, but sadly got eliminated but find his way again to the music scene through Cube Entertainment as he became part of B2ST. Although vocal-wise, Yoseob is the one garnering much attention, I have to say, Hyunseung's got stable vocals, as well. It doesn't sound whiny or forced, I enjoy listening to him sing. Plus, I just adore his personality... he is something. He's not your normal, regular guy and I find it very irresistible.

5. Jiyoon (4Minute)

When 4Minute debuted, they were quickly compared to 2NE1. With all honesty, I kind of compared them but ended up liking them when I saw their music video for "What a Girl Wants". I love their adorable personalities, but recently, they go more for that "sexy look" appeal which works for them. She's one of my favorites in the group, her and Gayoon, since both of them are powerful vocalists. They can hit the high notes and still look so good, especially Jiyoon. She's more like the CL-type, you know, badass, sexy chic who can rap and sing.

There's so much more artists that I adore in the Korean music scene, as well as celebrities (actors/actresses), plus those variety shows that I just find hard not to watch. I hope you are interested in K-pop, but if not, oh well, I just hope you don't go bashing them or whatever. Haha. Peace.

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