Saturday, September 10, 2011


Finally, the week is over, the weeks of practicing for our first dance performance for this school year has been a huge success. The crowd LOVED our finale performance, it is such an overwhelming feeling hearing their screams. Although a large percent cheered for Moi, one of the newest members who is an awesome dancer, as in, you really need to see her dance and you will just be dumbfounded.
But anyways, I felt bit bad since I think I messed up slightly with THAT dance move I was having a hard time doing, but nevertheless, my classmates and some friends said I did awesome! Oh yeah! One even was in disbelief when she saw me danced, she never knew I was that good. Aww, what a compliment...

It felt so good, to dance.. and when we did the last glance at the crowd and the music faded away, everyone just went wild and my heart was like ... soaring high. It is such an unforgettable evening and the friendships I have made along the way.

Sad though, I will be practicing with them right after semestral break so that will be one or two months from now. I hope I would not gain much weight since I think I lost a bit.. yeah, just a bit with all the sweat I have perspired from all the practice. Hoho.

Before I forgot, the day after the awesome evening of our performance, we had basketball game. We were only five, yes, so that means, I played from first to the last quarter. I almost died out of exhaustion, they were bit concerned if I can still make it through. And despite all that, I managed to get a lay up point, oh yea. I suddenly remembered my time back in college, how nostalgic.

And the funny thing is, we even lost a player since she fouled out so the game ended with four of us playing and winning, yeah yeah! So much fun and exhausting all at the same time, but I am just happy we did it. Abi, the main player is beyond amazing...

Right now, my body is still kind of aching at some areas and I should be really studying. So, good night.

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