Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm not anti-GMA nor a pro-ABSCBN.
I just can't help but react negatively with the other and be singing praises to another.
I am just a viewer who sensed something wrong.
I am just part of the Filipino audience who is not oblivious to the praiseworthy stuff made in one network and dislike certain aspects in the other.
Okay, I'll just make a direct point here.
I am not looking for a fight.
I am just an observant.

Here it goes.
Before, I don't care much whenever I hear stories of Kapamilya and Kapuso into a network competition.
For me, I've always thought that such rivalry is always part of Filipino's upbeat and competitive character..
That moment when I saw the youtube video of SOP finale show.
I was shocked and pissed, honestly.
Why must the rap lyrics be so HARSH that they are pointing out ASAP, blabbing about how ASAP must be feeling happy that SOP is ending.
It just made them appeal to the masses as BITTER PEOPLE.
I don't mean to be rude, but that's how I perceived that part of their goodbye singing to be.
I could have enjoyed them singing their goodbyes, but that went to waste when the rap came in.
And now, I heard from the news that PARTY PILIPINAS will be choreographed by an expert (forgot the name) who have choreographed for stars such as Beyonce and Missy Elliot.
Okay, that is amazing.
BUT. Again.
It doesn't matter how good the choreographer is if the performing people are not that good enough.
So, maybe training under that guy would boost their skills up.
I hope.
So, good luck to Party Pilipinas.

Honestly, I'm enjoying ASAP more.
I have observed that the people there are improving.
I have always been impressed how ABSCBN managed to train their Kapamilya stars.
And I have also observed, the network mostly offered FRESH UNIQUE IDEAS, as presented by their primetime shows.
I don't mean to be biased or anything, but that's what I've been noticing, since long before.
If Kapuso really wanted to get ahead, they could start with shows which offer a fresh theme or storyline, not revival of their popular shows (like Darna or Captain Barbell).
Like Encantadia, I thoroughly loved that show.
Please don't do a remake of that.

So, that's it.
I just have to let this out.
It's been disturbing me for quite some time.
I appreciate both networks.
I'm not saying I am against the other one and all-hands for the other.
I am just telling, there is always ROOM for IMPROVEMENT, not to let out BITTERNESS.

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