Saturday, March 20, 2010


I wanted to graduate this April 2010.
My parents are expecting it, since I was supposed to graduate last year.

I have plans already.
I am waiting for results of my medical application.
And now this?

THIS came along and it's threatening my future to fall down.

I've been trying to graduate this year, but ...

A huge obstacle planted on my way and it's forcing me to stop.
It's like a LARGE INHIBITOR preventing me to push through and succeed.

I am so pissed off.
Not only on THIS but on HIM.

Seriously, I am not alone for feeling this.
Almost all my fellow graduates who are under his wing this semester are crying out their frustrations.

We're all in pain.
We're suffering in his hands.

And, now, the big news will be unfolded tomorrow.
I am scared. I am terrified.

But, I'm holding on to the the support of people who understand and are genuinely concerned for our fates.

I have to trust the Higher Being.
Come what may.

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