Saturday, September 5, 2009

Falling in Love - Yes or No?

*This is an original article written last September 05, 2009*

If only the reality in falling in love can be taught inside the classroom, then I would not second-thought to attend that kind of class. If there can be a subject where a person can be instructed how to fall in love correctly and not to fall in love in the wrong time, then I would do everything to enrol in that course. But honestly, there aren’t that many opportunities to learn about love just within the four corners of your classroom. You get to know face-to-face what love is and learn from it when you actually become either a victim or the suspect of the “crime of falling in love”. You can never teach yourself unless you get to experience it. LOVE is such a maze you just can’t figure out. But, if we’re talking about God’s love, then it’s one different thing.

God’s love is never a question. It was there in the beginning, in our present and will last beyond our future. Many will doubt its existence but still it burns alive. Though you may be brokenhearted when your boyfriend broke up with you, but God will never leave you. You may run away from Him, but He is always there. He will never be the unforgiving lover that you once had. He will be that perfect Guy who will protect you, despite not seeing His physical presence. Few remain faithful to Him, but He never ceases to shower His love on His people. And that, is one perfect love, nothing can defeat.

So, in our case, in the worldly love we try to hold on to, there are so many conflicts. Are we sure we are with the right person? Does he really love you? Is she contented being with you? Doubts arise when we fail to be contented. When we can’t stop worrying, we start to panic and lose our confidence, not only to the person we love, but to ourselves. It’s never bad to have the benefit of the doubt, but if we push it to grow and grow, we’ll never step away from that stage. Relationships begin to falter when doubt comes in. We are not perfect so we are easily influenced by whatever thoughts swirling in our heads. Even the real definition of love becomes a blur, no one really cares, as long as they carry that piece of information that they are in love.

Before, I was in love with the thought of being in love. I always imagine myself in the arms of someone that I will call my “boyfriend”. Yet, with instances in the past of falling in love with the wrong guy, I realize that I was actually forcing myself to fall, in order to find that “someone” I will love. I never thought that I am pushing myself to a path where there is no more left or right turn. It was an eye-opener for me when I made that reassessment. Now, I am happy even if I am single. I am with good friends. And in time, I will find that LOVE waiting for me, as I wait patiently for it. But, love is actually everywhere, you can feel its warmth from your parents, siblings, best of friends or even from your pet animals. Yet, the love people find is from that person they want to cherish forever.

It’s never wrong to fall in love. It is a part of one’s life. If you have it, grab it and treasure it. If love has not come your way yet, do not force yourself to fall in love. You will never find happiness in that way. I am not your love guru, but one thing is for sure, I am not in love with the mere thought of being in love. I am actually happy now that I am not in love. Why? There are so many things to explore and I can still feel the love in my world. Maybe not from a special someone, but from people who I know will cherish me beyond words can express. And with that, I am blessed.

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