Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting over him is the hardest thing to do right now.

*written originally in my facebook account*

Life has its twists and turns.

And falling in love is an experience you'll never miss.

It hurts when you see the person you fell in love with spend time together with someone else.
I do not mean to be possessive even if he is not mine, but the fact that it happened right in front of you is so DAMN PAINFUL.
I thought being "just friends" with him is enough to settle whatever feelings I have for him but it was not that easy, I realized.
A shocking revelation for me, a hurting process in the end.

Not to be exaggerated, I feel as if my chest suddenly weighed heavier than the usual. like there was this heavy anchor sitting on my heart, slowly denying blood to be pumped in and out for contraction to take place.. and eventually, heart seemed to have compeltely became numb.

The one thing that hurts me the most is that when that someone he prefers to be with has disappeared, he'll come to me, in my company. What am I some kind of a substitute? I do not assume more than that but getting my hopes up is honestly, unconsciously done.

I wish I can gradually get over him.
I hate to admit but I decide to step away from him, from being close to him (since we're becoming good friends). .

God has plans, despite the fact that I am hurting inside..
And I personally need to get stronger, hoping from another heartbreak issue in my life, I will finally learn.
Learn to accept whatever fate has in store for me.
Right now, I am just happy I have good real friends who care, even though that one person I love did not.

*drama queen*
*fever is actually in my system*

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