Thursday, November 17, 2011


Wow, so it has been more than a week since I updated this blog. But anyways, I had a tiring moment yesterday, since I went to LB, Laguna to get some needed documents. You see, I just learnt last semester that I was lacking some important files, according to the Medicine office. As much as I want to insist that I've already passed those files, I have no choice but to request again from my college (UPLB), don't forget pay for them again. I actually already went there to request for it, two weeks ago... and finally, went back yesterday to get them.

It was a long travel, for the fact that I left the house near lunch time, since I woke up late and my pace was slow for my usual self. The travel took so long, not what I was hoping it will be, but nevertheless, I finally arrived in the campus after almost 3 hours. I felt so haggard with the sun-and-rain weird weather also taking its toll on us, the passengers along the way. Thank God, my "inaanak" from my college organization got stuck up with some paper works, so she did something to pass by the time, waiting for me. We planned to have lunch together, but unfortunately, our 1pm schedule got fast-tracked to a super late lunch meal... at 3 in the afternoon.

There are so many fancy and awesome diners-slash-restaurant-and-cheap-food shops in LB... that back in my college days, I rarely go to them. I mostly go to the usual fast food (McDonald's and KFC)... and in my favorite cozy carinderia, just across the alleyway that leads to the apartment unit that I used to stay back then. Going back to LB brings back so many odd memories... of me, most of the time... alone. Funny. I'm actually not a fan of going out, but I mostly do it with my orgmates Aryani and Lauren, who were also neighbors back then. But most of the time, I usually sulk inside my apartment unit, I feel more comfortable. Plus, I'm not also a food voyer back then, unlike now who wants to try anything that I set my eyes and curiosity into.

But there's this one store that I still remember, I used to eat once or twice there back then. Since I'm very much into Korean food, especially maki rolls, I suggested to Tammy, my "inaanak" that we grabbed our late lunch there. I actually learnt the day before that the shop re-opened up in new place, second floor of the Anker's building.. the one where the bustling Boston Cafe is famous to be located in the ground floor, the place where we stayed most of the time during Physiology's research paper works. That coffee shop that had me "seriously sick" of frappes after one week of being there.. and ordering time and time again, but I had no problem of the place, it's cozy and is a wifi hotspot.

Tammy ordered a combo, I forgot to check out the name and also failed to get a snapshot, but it had tonkatsu in there, and a colorful kani salad. It looks good to me. For my case, I decided to have a bowl of chicken teriyaki and a plate of tekka maki rolls. As much as I want to get California maki, I can't since I'm not allowed to eat seafood (well except fish, due to religious beliefs)... so I intentionally ordered the tuna rolls.


I really had a nice full tummy after that delicious well, I couldn't ask for more. Even if it's a simple-looking meal, I didn't regret choosing to eat there. Plus, I didn't spend so much, despite ordering such type of meals... which are really more expensive when I buy in my favorite Asian restaurant back here in Manila. I had a nice "short visit" in LB, apart from seeing few of my fellow orgmates in our tambayan.. in Wing A of the IBS Building.


The day before my visit to Elbi, I went back home with my Dad right after his "own office hours". Since I miss taking photos as of late, I think Madame Fenk (my digital camera), if she's a real person, she's probably pissed off at me for not hanging out with her anymore. So, due to that, I experimented with my iTouch's latest camera-app. - something called Leme, and decided to take some shots. Although I'm no official expertise on this field, I still love taking pictures, especially my favorite subjects - my cats, street lights and clouds, oh and food too. So, here's few of those experimental shots.
STREET LIGHTS [along Macapagal Avenue]



So, before I end this post, here's me, a snapshot while being the first passenger "alone" in the Alabang-Lawton bus. Yeah, forgive me for the uneven eyebags, haha! The red hue is not due to camea effects, it's thanks to the red curtain, creating that kind of ambience and color in this photo. Haha.

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