Friday, November 4, 2011


I become a little knowledgeable about the world of clothes, bags and even shoes when I entered college. Before that, I'm always okay with wearing a loose shirt and jogging pants when there's a practice event in school. Even back in church, I mostly wear unflattering large blouse and denim long skirt. Since the university I was enrolled then has no uniform policy, I was forced to buy clothes for me to wear - acceptable clothes. Since then, I've become enlightened with wearing what I think suits me best and until now, I've been more courageous with trying and mixing stuff to wear in church or to other events (since med school has uniform). One thing I noticed... I prefer wearing shorts back in college... but lately, I'm also enjoying wearing pants although I only got 2 that I am comfortable wearing. How sad is that?

One might say that branded clothes are better, scouting the malls for the best looking dress or blouse or pants to wear. But in my part, I'm actually satisfied with wearing even if it's not from a well-known brand, as long as the material is okay, the sewn details are tight and I look good at it. When I buy clothes, I always think of options... like "what I can partner it with?", "what look will best suit wearing this".. and so on and on. I mostly buy new clothes on a monthly basis or if there's a special event.

But I'm more inclined to scouting my favorite ukay-ukay store to look for the cheap clothes that still look new (like checking the condition before buying). Plus, I buy clothes that for me have unique pieces incorporated in the look, not those same looks that I also encounter in the malls. So, here's some of them that I have bought and am happy with. 
The sparkling black ribbon and sleeves caught my eye on this one...I like the details of the blouse.

The mere fact that it is black and white plus cat print all over wins my attention.

LBD - the lacy zigzag see-through pattern on the upper half of the dress makes it classy with a touch of vintage.

Yes, no question about it... the zebra on both front and back in this long dress is win-win for me.

I actually bought it week before dance practice started this year.. it's cozy, poncho-like loose top with skulls-print.

What actually triggered me to buy this is that cute dainty ribbon, a pretty attraction for a plain sheer grey top. Plus, it can be an put over your beach bikini as a sexy cover-up, right?

I don't wear it that much often, I'm wearing for the cold season to really take its toll. It's comfy and long-sleeved, as well. The stars and good shade of blue caught my eye.

My dad is the least happy whenever he finds out that I bought another dress from the ukay-ukay store. He always tells me they're dirty. I for one actually clean them before wearing... put it in disinfection and laundry-clean stages. Also, I have a friend who is also not interested talking about curses and such. I don't know much about beliefs on ukay-ukay, but I only go to this one store which I trust, plus nothing happened bad.

It's actually fun to look at racks of clothes, may it be in ukay-ukay store or in the nearest shopping mall, especially during sale. There's nothing cool to grab an awesome dress with a discounted price, with your student budget, right?

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