Friday, October 7, 2011


Someone had the nerve to throw a bucket of hot water on our dogs. Yeah. Imagine my horror when my brother greeted me a rather somber expression when I woke up.

"Ate, tingnan mo si Chummy." (Sis, go check out Chummy.) I suddenly felt scared, wondering what's worst could I see. Upon chccking out our backyard, lo and behold, my dog whimpering. It's not what caught my eye, but the large patches of burnt skin on her left side of the body. I can't imagine posting a photo of her, despite wanting to, just to show you how cruel sight it was. I panicked, so much, I don't know what to do first. I didn't take a bath, sent text messages to my dad and to a friend who has vehicle, hoping she'll take me to the clinic fast. Sadly, she's not replying yet and my dad wanted us to take Chummy after church service. No way, no way will I let Chummy wait with blood oozing from the burnt patch of skin. Writing this provokes me to cry, it's so painful seeing that in your dog, seeing how much pain she's going through. Her mother Res is unusually loud, barking, trying to get our attention. My brother thought she was just hungry, but they were already fed last night, and I though they're full. But I think, she's also panicking for her daughter and probably trying to tell me via dog language... that something bad indeed happened.

So, I hurriedly asked my brother to fetch a tricycle so that I can travel faster to the nearest veterinary clinic. The assistant and the two customers who were there were surprised when they see me carrying my dog, seeing those burnt patches all over her left body. Yeah, I can feel for them, what more me who is a family. She felt so weak in my arms, cozying up closer to me as I placed her on the clinic desk. I'm proud she got the injections without so much fuss but it still pains me to see she's really not enjoying it. The sight of her in that condition strikes a nerve, I just want to get out and take revenge to whoever did this to her. Although I haven't been that hands-on in taking care of her, since I'm not always at home, she's still close to my heart. I've wanted to take care of her myself back in college, but the apartment where I'm in has rules, so I had to take her back home.

I hope other dogs won't have this fate like my dog. How I wish I could catch whoever is the culprit behind this. My dog is not even prowling around the community, she's just in the lot behind our house, around close perimeter. So why the heck? What is that person's problem to even THINK of throwing that boiling water over our dogs. No way is that accidental, no way! I have an idea who that person could be, but I don't want to fall into false accusation. I just let it all to God and prayed for our dogs' recover, especially Chummy.


It's BOILING WATER. No way will that happen if it's just plain warm water. My dog's freaking burnt. It's like she got burnt by fire. Karma's a bitch, but I'll just let life take its toll on whoever that culprit is, whatever his/her punishment will be for such cruel action.


anonymity said...

woah... grabeh naman nangyari kay Chummy noah. i cn't even imagine kung ano itsura nung burnt patch of skin niya. don't worry digital na ang karma ngayon.. - yba

ica said...

Ate Noah I hope your dog recovers. Karma is one big bad bitch, and whoever did this to your dog is gonna get it!

NOAH said...

Thanks Ica at Yba. Grabe nung ginagamot ko yung mga sagot nya, nagpipigil na lang ako maiyak. Kung pwede lang gumanti 'no.. pero bahala na si God..
Thanks... matagal pa siguro, pero I hope for Chummy's recovery..

Anonymous said...

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Tiago Couto

Anonymous said...
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