Wednesday, June 23, 2010

of first year in med

It was fun and toxic at the same time.
FUN, because I get to spend time with cozy people and the section I got to be included in are all nice people.
I mean, they're approachable despite that most of them are really "geniuses in their own rights", they are still "approachable".
TOXIC, because it's not as light as undergraduate are responsible of whatever's discussed and NOT discussed.
No more distinct spoon-feeding, well, aside from few of the professors, but mainly, you have to be always prepared for the worst.
Thankfully, I have good background of the subjects I am taking now, from my BS Biology days, esp. from my Major subjects.
Well, honestly, I can go with the flow but I am not THAT fast to explain stuff, unlike my other classmates (mostly guys).
Yung tipong pagtanong mo, kaya nilang mabigyan kaagad ng sagot.
It makes me feel inferior or somewhat stupid, in a sense.
But I still strive to know what they know, to know more than what they know, or to know more together with them.
I'm not up fo a competition, I'm in the medschool to learn and to be a good doctor for the sake of my future patients.

I don't want to be pressured just because I should not "taint" my family's name.
I will study well for my future, for my chosen career and for the big dreams I only dreamt childishly before.


Raphaël said...

It's been a while since you've been putting things in here :) I hope you take some time to LIVE too !

xxx :p

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Marie said...

I just clicked on "next blog" a yours arrived on my screen. What a beautiful heart and loving mind you have. Good luck and much sucess with medical school. If you open your heart to God and your mind to learning you will be a wonderful healer and a positive contributor to your community. What an amazing life you have in front of you. I believe in you too!

Keisha McCullers said...

I love your blog site and will be following you!

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