Saturday, February 13, 2010 pair of sandals

Reading Nuffnang's email message regarding about the "shoes story" reminded me of one experience I had with my shoes, rather specifically with my pair of sandals, and it was definitely worth remembering.

It was the usual day in college. I am not the type of student who dressed much, but I decided that day to wear my fashionable sandals. I mostly used the pair of sandals when I go to church, but not when I attend my classes.So, there I went out the dormitory, feeling pretty, wearing my white sandals. Despite noticing that the straps attached to the sole were looking not tightly sewn in anymore, I still went out wearing them.

After classes, it was time for me to go home. That was also the time when I realized that there's a problem with my pair of sandals. I was already in front of the DL Umali Hall when the middle strap of my sandal on my right foot detached itself from the sole. How lucky was I, I mused to myself. Trying to think of a solution, I hanged out near the stairs of the Freedom Park. I sent an emergency text message to my roommates back in the dormitory, hoping someone would bring me a pair of slippers or flipflops. I was on the verge of crying as I looked helplessly at my pair of sandals, slipped loosely on my bare feet.

Minutes passed and I cannot wait any longer, I took action. I tried pinning the strap in between my toes and walked round the park, literally just dragging my right foot against the floor. I was able to walk for few distances, but it was really difficult. Every time the strap slid off from my toes, I have to stop and wound it in between again.

Finally, I was nearing the dormitory and I was already exhausted. Choosing the last resort, I gathered my pair of sandals on my hand and made my way across the street and into the dormitory grounds. Smiling like a weird girl, I strode inside the dormitory and straight to the building unit where I stay.

At the room's doorstep, I burst into laughter much to the surprise of my roommates. I never imagined I could withstand walking barefeet across the dorm's hallway, but I did. Glancing at my pair of sandals, I laughed at the experience I'm sure I will never forget.

And until now, I didn't.

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