Sunday, February 21, 2010

frustrated writer

I love to write.
I have a stack of unfinished stories saved in my laptop, and in our home PC (which were erased because of someone we thought was good in fixing computers!).

O well, right now, my "writer" personality is working again, even if I'm supposed to be busy with my academics, now that I am graduating. Yet, it's inevitable. My love for writing still surfaces.

That is why I am happy that I bumped into, a website for people who wanted to submit and publish their written fictional stories online. It's a good thing because I wanted to publish mine which were just saved in my laptop.

I have been publishing stories in, but stories were, of course, fanfictional, where the characters are based on anime characters, or other existing characters already famous around the world, as seen in published novels and manga.

So, discovering FictionPress is like a door opening for me, for someone like me, a frustrated writer. And I hope, you can also try it out and wake up that sleeping "writer" character in you.


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