Monday, November 30, 2009

dreaming to be with MY family

I saw this again, after going through the last chapter of Moe Kare, one of the mangas I've read in the past. This made me teary-eyed when I first finished reading the manga. The feeling I had was kinda queasy, like I wanted to have the same scene in my life in the future. Not exactly, but to meet that person you really love and to have a family with him was one of my girlish dreams, I suppose. I want to experience LOVE, where just looking at the eyes of my husband, I know the words he wanted to say..

But, o well, it will be too many years from now for that to happen, I hope.
And one bright morning, I will face the day with a big smile as I looked back at my sleeping husband and future baby (hope babies=TWINS!) ^_^

[credit picture to ~ thanks!]

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