Sunday, October 25, 2009

when forever's not enough

I just heard a while ago about my great-grandmother recently celebrating her birthday.Her age is 92.She is the mother of my late grandmother. Yes, Lola left this world earlier than her.

When I heard of this, I can't help but be amazed. Our relatives reported, according to my mother who was relaying the story to us, my grandmother is still strong and dreams of becoming rich. What a woman! Many will surely be envious of her, reaching that age where few have arrived. For the recent years, many have been dying at early age which saddened a lot of loved ones.

At this world, there are so many factors that can influence one's death or longevity. You cannot control your life, how long you may live or when you will exhale your last breath. But one thing is for sure, what you take in your body, what you do to your body will bear the consequences in the future. If you're careful, you might get to live that long. Yet many will say, there are still people who live a healthy life but still die early. Why, they may say? As I said, we cannot control our lives, only a Higher Being know where we're going in the years to come, what will happen to us, will we live until our 50's or maybe reach the age of 100? Despite that, it's no use getting fussy over the fact that we will reach death at the end of the crossroad. Everything has its end, no one or nothing is forever in this world. Changes always come. A race that starts will have its finish line in the end.

But I believe, no matter how everything will end for me, I will live my life to the fullest. So whenever I'm at my end, when I look back at those years, I know, I am happy and I have nothing to regret. And maybe, even if I don't reach my 90 years of life, someone will still remember me on the day I was born and the day I left the world to rest.

It's not that I am giving the creeps, I am not really comfortable talking about death or everything. I just want myself to accept it step by step. That's why I blogged about it.

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