Thursday, April 23, 2009

falling for someone?

This is originally written in my multiply site.

I met this guy.

Actually, I've known him already before, it's just that I finally get to be closer to him just recently.

Right now, he's all in my mind.

My friends can't help but notice my 'crazy-huge' smiles every time I talk about him or whenever I receive text messages from him.

It's true that when one door closes, another opens to new opportunities.

Sad thing is, he's already in a relationship.

And even if I discovered about it, I still like him.

Even if he is younger than me, I like him. My feelings didn't change.

But I know I have to set my own limitations to restrain myself from hurting too much.

I know the feeling of falling in and out of love.

And I hardly learn from what I've gone through before.

I am just letting God work His wonders, whatever He has in store for me, I'll wait.

But if it is this guy, then maybe he'll let him see that I'm just here.

If I'm in love with him, I can't admit yet. I'm on the edge and I don't know what to do.

To move forward or to back up.

But as of now, I'll treasure the friendship we have finally developed from the past days.

And that alone, I am happy. :)


Mon said...

Hi I'm Mon. Just dropping by. I cud smell love is in the air! hehe

Monz Avenue

Rico said...

Noah, mukhang malakas ang tama mo sa guy na yan ah! Good luck! Hanggang hindi pa sila kasal, it's fair game. Hahaha! Good luck. By the way, check mo bagong layout ko. Tell me what you think!

noah said...

sorry naman Rico at now ko lang nabasa ang post mo..

oo, hanggang ngayon, may tama pa din ako sa kanya! haha! :)