Saturday, March 1, 2008

my bioclock went confused

we had our org's finals last friday (feb 29) and our ornithology's fieldtrip yesterday (march 1)... to think that i was awake the whole evening of friday's and then went to the fieldtrip after just taking a bath and changing clothes!!..

so the result?

i was dead asleep in the bus, all throughout the travel...

and i was having this heaviness in my head, leading to headache.

and we didn;t have nay stopover to have lunch?!?!?!?!

not so good.

when we were back in elbi, we went straight to McDo to eat.
then as i was back in the apartment, i lied down on my bed. i slept from seven in the evening until 2 in early morning!!!! i haven't changed my clothes and i left the lights on!

that's why this morning, up until now, i am quite experiencing dizziness...


p.s the poicture was taken in avilon zoo..

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