Monday, September 29, 2008

champions in its truest sense

recently, palacasan 2008 ended with a blast.

palacasan 2008 is a semestral sportsfest among CAS organizations. CAS stands for college of arts and science in the university of the philippines, los banos.

the list of games/sports included basketball, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, track and field, chess and ball games, such as 2ball, 3point shootout and buzzer beater competitions..

anyways, the main gist here is that our organization emerged victorious, being the overall champion. that's overwhelming, but we know best that we deserve it.

we were also champions in the women's basketball, second runner-up in men's basketball, second runner-up in table tennis doubles, first-runner up in women's table tennis... and the list goes on.

it's really get to enhance your skills in every sport you play, and gain friends in the process. also, gain memories you'll ever cherish.

that's what made my first sem, busy as a bee, aside from the pile of academics on my shoulder..

yet, i am very happy.
philobioscientia is truly a champion, the best-est org ever.
and i'm grateful i became part of this family. :D

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