Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mini-reunion of my hs batch 05

i'm so happy.

it has been ages ago since we had gathered together like this.

although, i was late, i'm thankful i've come.

and good thing, i wasn't that much super late for the event.

we ate together, watched movie together, and chatted with one another.

even if too much distractions caused misunderstanding, the mere presence of being close to your high school bacthmates is an overwhelming feeling.

i missed them so much.

i remember, denver said, "you were silent the last time we had a gathering like this."

i said "maybe, now, it's overwhelming to see you all again. i just can't stop myself."

yes. all this past years, i was waiting for someone to be there. to jusy hang out without any pretentions. to just relax and open up. and last night, they were there..

years had passed, but just by looking at them..

it's timeless.

the moments we shared.

i thank God.

a person like me, to have friends like them.


lie - take care going back to cebu
kaye - every bit of your advice is truly appreciated. (i need em!)
shane - seeing you again is nice. considering we haven't seen much of each other in lb.
shan - keep it safe. thanks!
denver - i never did expect you could be so emotional. listening to you gives me the overpowering surge of emotions!
adrian - hope everything with her moves on positively.
aj - i know, we were immature before, but still now, we still can't help but be immature sometimes.
kyra - as always, you're pretty.. are you really imported from germany? hehe.
sonny - i miss your draing (anime). i never did learn though. sighs
arthur - i'm so happy i saw you again. so happy. as in!
syrold - you're back. good luck in your nursing career.
nico - you're confidence is inspiring..nice to chat with you last mini-reunion!
rem - fine.i'm always wrong.but am i'm right if i say "you just missed me?" haha. peace.
vin - haven't changed? you still stand out.
junbelle - o well, you still play unfair.(bleh!)

^they were the ones i've been with in the mini-reunion...

to my other batchmates, i miss you too!!!!

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